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Interconnected smoke alarms


It is advisable to fit smoke detectors in a number of locations throughout your home and to have them hard wired and connected together. This means that should a fire start at one end of the house and an alarm be triggered, all of your alarms will sound, giving you a much earlier warning of danger than if you had just one smoke alarm outside the bedrooms in your home.

 Research indicates that photo-electric alarms provide the best detection across a range of fires.

For homes which already have ionisation alarms, we recommend that they be supplemented with additional, interconnected photo-electric alarms. When existing ionisation alarms reach 10 years of age, they should be replaced with photo-electric alarms.

“The MFS recommends that the best protection is provided by photo-electric smoke alarms which are hard-wired to the 240 volt power supply and interconnected to give the earliest warning possible.”

For more information from the MFS click here.


Smoke Alarms – Saving Lives



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Smoke Alarms Save Lives


Smoke alarms save lives – they are am essential safety feature for any home. The primary purpose of a smoke alarm is to wake people who are asleep, if there is a fire in their home.

It is a legal requirement that all home in SA are fitted with at least one working smoke alarm, but you need to consider whether or not one is sufficient to keep your family safe from the risk of fire. The sooner you are alerted to the fact that there is a fire in your home the sooner you can take action to ensure the safety of everyone in the home.

Fines of up to $750 apply if alarms are not installed.

What type of smoke alarm you need for your home?


The age of your home and the date you purchased your home will determine the type of smoke alarm you are legally required to have installed.

Homes or residential rental properties purchased before 1 February 1998

You must fit fit a replaceable battery powered smoke alarm.

Homes or residential rental properties bought on or after 1 February 1998

Regulation 76B requires a smoke alarm (or smoke alarms) be fitted within six months from the day on which title is transferred and be either:

  • a 240 volt, mains-powered smoke alarm
  • a 10-year life, non-replaceable, non-removable, permanently connected battery powered smoke alarm.

Homes or residential rental properties built on or after 1 January 1995

The Building Code of Australia requires a 240 volt, mains powered smoke alarm.

Where to buy smoke alarms.


Whilst you can purchase smoke alarms from a number of different retailers, it is better to ask a qualified electrician about the which brand and model would best suit your needs and are of course reliable.

Smoke alarms can be purchased from:

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