Power Points and Sockets



If you need additional power points or sockets in your home or you need old ones updating then

you will need to call a qualified electrician.


Power Points and Sockets

Although it may seem like a simple to fit a new power point, there are often many things to consider that might at first not be obvious.

  • What appliances are you planning on using?
  • How much power will the appliances draw?
  • Is there trip switch attached to the circuit and what is the maximum current allowed?
  • How close is the socket to water?
  • Is the location you have chosen for the power point correct?
  • Is the circuit the power point will be on adequate for the load the appliance will use?
  • Where is the nearest suitable point to run cabling from?
  • How will you get the cable from the junction to the site for the socket?
  • What sort of cable should be used?
  • Will the socket need cutting into the wall?
  • What is the wall made of – if it’s brick, how do you cut a socket into a brick wall?

Once you start to work your way through these sort of questions you realise that it is best to engage a qualified professional electrician to install new power points for you.


When do you need new sockets?

The question of new sockets usually arises when you buy a house, build a new home or extend or refurbish an existing property.

If you are remodeling a kitchen, you need to schedule your electrician, before the cabinets have been installed and before the bench tops or doors have been fitted. This is also the right time to decide on the location of lights.

This way the electrician will be able to get to all of the walls and cabling without having to work around awkward objects and the job will be done more quickly. In the case of a kitchen, your electrician will want to see the design drawings so that they understand where major appliances will be located and where sockets are best located in relation to work surfaces.


Professional Tip: Always allow for more sockets than you think you need – place a double socket where you have planned a single. There’s nothing worse than needing a plug point and finding you have none left or none where you want them!

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