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Does your home need re-wiring?


The best way to find out if your home needs re-wiring is to call an electrician and have them look over your wiring. Sometimes a home may only need partial re-wiring – this can often be the case when a home has been extended or partially renovated and the extension/renovation has up to date wiring and cable, whilst the rest of the house is out of date.

Electrical Problems

You should definitely have your wiring inspected if you have repeated minor electrical problems. That could be a sign that your existing wiring is dangerously frayed, not properly grounded or not up to the demands of your modern appliances. If you trust an electrician who has helped you in the past, ask them for a quote, but don’t feel obliged to accept their quote without getting competitive quotes from other electricians.


How much does it cost to rewire your Home ?


Rewiring your house may not be an expense you look forward to, but if your existing wiring poses a risk of fire or electrocution, it’s the best investment in your house you can make.

There are 2 main factors that influence the amount it will cost to re-wire your home.

  • The length of wirie required.
  • Your major cost, though, will be labour – labour cost will depend on two factors:
    • Your electricians hourly rate
    • The ease or difficulty of access to your wiring space, which will be the biggest factor influencing how long it will take to complete the work.

How do Electricians estimate re-wiring cost?

When electricians quote for rewiring, they usually do their calculations based on a rate per light fitting, switch and outlet added to the cost of replacing your main switchboard plus any miscellaneous work.

The rates typically charged per outlet can vary from between $65 and $120. Rather than asking for an hourly rate or per switch price, ask for a detailed quote for the whole job  – including the number of switches, light fittings and sockets being replaced and wired in – it is very important that you receive detailed, itemised quotes, because that will be the only way you have of knowing that you are getting truly competitive quotes.

Don’t be surprised if your quotes vary dramatically. Quotes can vary enormously, with the highest quote sometimes being double the lowest.

Ask AJ Electrical Adelaide for a quote for re-wiring today – our prices are always fair, our work thorough and guaranteed.

Before you settle on a quote, check the electricians’ credentials carefully. At a minimum, they must:

  • Hold a current South Australian Electricians License.
  • Have up-to-date insurance.
  • Offer a compliance certificate upon completion of the job.

Ask AJ Electrical Adelaide for a quote for re-wiring today,


our prices are always fair,


our work thorough and guaranteed.


Working with an electrician you can trust.


You need to be sure you are hiring a reputable electrician. If they have not been referred to you, there are a few ways you can find out if you can trust them:

  • How long have they been in business for?
  • Do they have a current licence to practice in the state?
  • Do they have a list of genuine referrals they can give you?
  • Have they provided a comprehensive detailed quotation?

Whilst price is important, you need to make sure the job is done properly, as poor wiring presents a serious risk to you and your home. Remember this is a long-term investment in your home.


Electrical safety in older homes

  • If your house was built in the 1960s or even earlier, the chances are that it has old, outdated and unsafe wiring – it is very important to have all electrical installations checked by a licensed electrician. Electrical installations from the 1950s and the 1960s were made mainly of lead with a rubber sheath and rubber insulated cables.
  • Some rubber insulated cables also used cotton coverings. Older homes may have used timber ducts in the roofs or metal conduits to run cables. Both of these can cause fires or electric shock, if damaged. Degradation of the insulation material increases the risk of electric shock to tradespeople and people living in the house and can also cause fires.
  • Installing safety switches for all electrical circuits within your home is an effective way of minimising the risk of electric shocks and fires.
  • If you are experiencing frequent tripping of circuit breakers or fuses blowing on your switchboard, the electrical wiring in your home may be the cause. You should have your home wiring checked by a licensed electrician to ensure that it is safe.


The Benefits of Replacing Old Electrical Wiring


Permits — Your electrician will be able to tell you what permits are required for having electrical work done in your area, and they can even get them on your behalf.  

New Mains Panel— A new mains panel, means up to date circuit breakers, circuits with the correct capacity and greater safety.

Modern Materials – modern wiring is more efficient and safer.

Separate circuits — Having separate parts of the home isolated from others is a big benefit. When a circuit trips you can find out where the problem is more quickly and the whole house isn’t plunged into darkness or without power because a bulb blew in the garage.

Convenience — Having your home rewired provides you with the perfect opportunity to finally have all of those outlets where they will be most useful, as older houses weren’t designed with so many electrical appliances in mind. Dimmer switches and motion sensor lighting are other fantastic capabilities your home can incorporate into its new rewired system.

Value — If you want to be able to sell your home, you need to have the wiring up to date, especially if you have any chance of getting a decent price for it.



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